These are some things about my 2015.

  • I watched 52 films in 2015; see the full list here.
    • Of these 52 films, I only watched one twice — Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.
    • I watched no films during August, and eight during December.
    • The total length of the films comes to 6008 minutes, or, four days, four hours, and eight minutes. That represents just under 1.15% of the year.
    • I watched seven films in the cinema, and 12 films that were first released in 2015.
    • Yeah, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was my favourite film of the year. Second favourite was What We Do in the Shadows.
  • I listened to 25 days, 8 hours, and 19 minutes of music in 2015, according to last.fm. This figure is likely to be higher.
  • I read quite a few books; not all of them in their entirety, so the figure is somewhat murky. Let’s leave it at “not as many as I’d like.”
  • I left St Paul’s School, London, with A*AB and started a three year BA in English Literature at the University of York.

That is the end of a list of some things about my 2015. I can’t go and give it all away, can I?